Our Projects

Programs for the development of backward classes in society, Relief distribution on natural disasters, Education to poor students and adults, Sports and Cultural activities, Observation of national days, VARIOUS AWARENESS CAMPS, Rural development, literacy development, Employment generation, Right to information, Programs on leprosy and TB, Programs on polio eradication, Other Activities, Women empowerment campaigns, Environmental, awareness campaigns, Orphanage & Old age home campaigns, Advance of art, culture and handicrafts, Workshops on waste management(Products made from waste materials)

We promote and organize various campaigns and other philanthropic activities for the poor and backward classes of the society. Our main objective is to empower the poor and disadvantaged so that they can demand their rights from the society and to make them a part of the development process instead of treating them as a mere recipient of aids and charity and also to establish a society based on human values like liberty, equality, justice and fraternity which is free from fear, hunger and everyone gets equal opportunity to develop his/her personality to the fullest.

  • TO help blind, orphans, women empowerment, blind children, AIDS children, old age home senior citizen, handicraft children and other etc.

  • To endeavour to work for all the round development of individual so as to produce god fearing and low abiding good citizen of the country.

  • To sponsor needy and unfortunate children in their educational pursuits by means of sponsorship.

  • To work under all Trusts/NGO, to can also tie up with all NGO/Trusts and also can partner with all Trust/NGO.

  • To impart moral instructions to enable the children to structure and develop their character.

  • To promote the case of education, by establishing school, colleges, hospitals, libraries, reading rooms, laboratories and other centres of learning and research and or giving donations or other assistance to the institutions with similar objects.

  • To promote a holistic approach to education and develop responsible citizens of the country by incorporating meditation, games and moral education.

  • To publish books, periodicals and journals that serve the cause of education (help educational institutions financially or otherwise, to conduct educational and athletic meets, educational contests like essay writing, debating, sports, games etc.,

  • To help the poor, backward or deserving students and scholars with Scholarships, stipends, travel grants loans and in other ways in the matter of their persuasion of their studies.

  • Setting up of charitable hospital or other medical institutions and running them or granting of subscriptions and donations to Hospitals, Charitable Dispensaries, Convalescent Homes, Asylums, Orphanages, children home and other Public institutions for administering medical relief to the needy wholly on philanthropic causes.

  • Endowments to and help or support to hospitals, Maternity Homes, Sanatoriums and Dispensaries.

  • To help in promoting preservation of natural environment and Indian heritage by helping financially organizations actively engaged in such activities.

  • To keep monetarily Orphanages, Old age Homes for handicapped men, women and children and children and generally to undertake, execute, assist monetarily, manage, encourage and carryout all other humanitarian acts and projects calculated to benefit the public in matters of education, health and social welfare irrespective of caste, creed or sex.

  • To establish or monetarily help orphanages, old age homes, homes for handicapped persons and carry out all other humanitarian acts and projects to benefit the public in matters of education, health and social welfare irrespective of caste, creed or sex. (help financially or otherwise the victims of natural calamities like flood, drought, fire, riot, communal disturbances and similar other calamities0.

  • To construct Hospitals, libraries and halls for arranging educational and cultural activities.

  • To extend financial help to organize health campus and give relief to the poor and under privileged. (construct buildings and other facilities for Indoor games, reading rooms, gymnasiums, conference halls, free hostels, Kalyana Mantaps and buildings,for arranging dramas, dances and other cultural activities and to provide the same free of chares subject to payment towards upkeep and maintenance).

  • To establish, run and manage children homes, community halls, Rest Houses, orphanages, homes for Old aged, widows, handicapped, mentally retarded etc.,

  • To conduct feeding of the poor and to give food, give clothing and cash grant to the poor, and to grant donations for the support of the inmates of orphanages, rescue and rehabilitation centres and similar institutions.

  • Enabling community people to realize the importance of child care and organize programmes for overall development of children in need. Assisting children to complete their academic courses and to pursue higher education.

  • To establish, run and aid free public reading rooms and libraries.

  • To promote such other objects not inconsistent with the spirit of the Trust inferred from the above, the Trustees may add to the above mentioned objects having regard to the particular needs of the time.

  • To start all types of training and educational and technical institutions, lower and higher, and carrying the research on the economical, agricultural, sociological, political and historical etc.,

  • To promote, subscribe, assist or amalgamate with or carry on the activities of any other trust, society, association and organization, whether incorporated or not having objects similar to the objectives of the Trust

  • Generally to do such acts, deeds and other things which are incidental and conductive to the attainment of all or any of the above objects.

  • To contribute funds to institution having similar objects.